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As PLC Center, we are doing engine repairs. Our main goal in our repair department is to test all the products we repair and to ship working products to our customers. By testing the products we repair, we reduce the troubles and time losses that our customers will experience after the repair to minimum levels.

PLC Central Repair Operation

The product that comes to the company is registered.

The cargo is opened under the camera and the product is photographed.

Preliminary examination

The product that comes to our company is taken to the test system for preliminary examination, a full fault detection is made and it is checked whether the current fault is similar to the customer complaint.

Confirmation / Return

Repair process is started only for approved repair offers, no action is taken regarding unapproved repair offers.

If not approved, the product is sent back to the company.


After the approval process of the offer is completed, the repair process of the device begins.

No repair fee is charged for products that cannot be repaired.


If the repaired product is a testable product, it is tested in the test system.

After successfully passing the test, the label “TESTED” is affixed to the product.


Your ready-to-ship products are packed with advanced packaging technology and sent to you.

Material Supply;

The products that are required during the repair and that are not available in Turkey are imported and stocked in our company. With the strong electronic material stock, our customers’ waiting times due to material supply are minimized.

Encoder, Resolver Replacement and Repair

After the fault detection of the product is made, the defective parts are replaced with new ones. After testing, it is sent to the customer

Brake Pad Repair, Replacement and Maintenance

We replace, repair and maintain defective, worn or deteriorated brakes and pads.

Motor Coil Winding

Coil winding of the motor is done in our company,

Fan Replacement and Repair

We find a solution by quickly replacing the defective or expired fan of your product with a new one.

We eliminate material supply time with our strong stock

Magnet Arrangement and Isolation

We do magnet isolation and sequencing to facilitate the operation of the motor.

Bearing Replacement and Compression Spring Replacement

We replace the compression spring in order to prolong the engine efficiency life, if the bearings are defective, we replace them.

Rotor Balancing, Rotor Shaft Modification and Manufacturing

We make the rotor adjustment of your engine, we make the modification and manufacture of the rotor shaft.

Cap and Cap Sign Manufacturing

As the engine repair department, we manufacture the engine cover and cover bushing.

Rotor Angle Adjustment and Zeroing

We readjust and reset your motor’s prone or distorted rotor angle.

Oil Scalp Replacement

We replace the oil bladder of the engine with a new one

O-ring Replacement
Power and Signal Connector Replacement

We are replacing the power connector and signal connectors of the motor.

Motor Winding

The winding of the motor is done by our company.

Engine Maintenance

In engine maintenance, the engine is washed with a special solvent and dried.

Subjected to all tests on the existing system

Internal and external cleaning done

Paint is renewed and delivered to the customer

2nd Hand Engine Sales

We sell motors that cannot be repaired and that you need.

The product we sell has been tested and is ready for use.

Brake and Vibration Tests

We test and repair at every stage so that you, our valued customers, do not have any problems while using the product.

The product that fails the test is never sent back without user approval.

If the repaired product is a testable product, it is tested in the existing test system.

After successfully passing the test, the “TESTED” label is affixed on the product.

Warranty Period

The repairs we make are within the scope of warranty. If there is any problem with the product during the warranty period, we repair it free of charge.

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